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Sussex Organic Cattle

Mill Bank Farm
Organic Beef Scheme

Our animals are born on the farm and are kept together as a herd right until they are finished; we encourage them to exhibit natural behavior at all times by our farming methods and handling.

Our cattle are raised to full organic standards eating only grass or forage grown on the farm. They are slow grown often taking up to 30 months to mature.

When they have reached peak development, for the type of produce our customers like the best, we take our animals to the local small family run slaughter house at Heathfield (30mins away).

Organic Sussex Beef

They are then brought back to a local cold store and butchery room, both licensed and inspected by the Soil Association, to hang for an average of 21 days to develop that old fashioned flavour for which we are well known.

The beef is butchered by our highly skilled butcher. It is bagged, labeled with freezer proof labels and packed into our 10kg boxes.

Each box contains approximately: a third steaks, a third roasting joints and a third mince. All of the animal is put into the box scheme, we don't sell meat any other way, thus ensuring a great selection of meat in every box.

The boxes are delivered that evening to your door free of charge, within a certain radius, please contact us to place an order or to ask any questions you may have.

Order your Sussex Organic Beef box now or contact us for more details.